This Is What We Are


Sinplus is a rock pop duo made up of two brothers, Gabriel and Ivan Bro. The brothers are from Locarno in the south of Switzerland.

In 2014 they won the prestigious MTV award for Best Swiss Act after having had a good-natured shot at the Eurovision Song Contest with their hit single „Unbreakable“.

In 2016 they went Gold in their native country with the single “Tieniti Forte”.


They lived in Vancouver, San Diego and Berlin. Sinplus have honed their skills while working in recording studios from Los Angeles to London, Zürich and Milan. And they also have years of live experience by touring in more than 15 countries in EU and

opening for international acts, such as Roxette at the prestigious festival “Moon&Stars”.


Sinplus ticket is a larger-than-life sound imbued with positivity, skyscraper melodies, big choruses and majestic solos that talk about freedom and self-assuredness..

„If there’s a message to our songs it might be: There’s a power within you – go ahead and use it!“, Gabriel says. „Follow your wildest dreams“ or „Be yourself and do what you love“ would also work as a motto, because for Sinplus a positive attitude is key to their music.


The brand new album „This Is What We Are“ is a modern day soundtrack to unadulurated optimism, self-produced and written by the band themselves, with all the colours in the rainbow to testify.

“Y&I”, the second single to be taken from the record, features hotly-tipped singer-songwriter, Mickey Shiloh, a fresh-faced twenty-something who counts Kylie Jenner, Britney Spears and J.Lo as fans. Mickey also co-wrote Janet Jackson’s brilliant 2015 comeback single ‘Night’, before attending a songwriting camp to work on Rihanna’s revered ANTI record.


Sinplus have absorbed everything that’s available to the experimental mind, rooted in the time-honed tradition of classic songwriting.

Chances are, you know what they’re on about.

This Is What We Are


Sinplus sind ein pop rock Duo, zwei Brüder, Ivan und Gabriel Bro. Sie sind in Locarno geboren, eine kleine Stadt in der Süd-Schweiz.


2012 wurden Sinplus als offizielle Vertreter der Schweiz für den Eurovision Song Contest 2012 ausgewählt. 2014 haben die zwei Brüdern den MTV Award als “Best Swiss Act” gewonnen. Mit dem Song “Tieniti Forte” bekommen Sie 2016 ihren ersten “Gold Record Award”. Sie sind die ersten Schweizer, die ein solches Resultat, mit einem italienischen Lied, erreicht haben.


Ivan und Gabriel haben in Vancouver, San Diego und Berlin Erfahrung gemacht, und haben in verschiedenen Tonstudios in Los Angeles, London, Mailand und Zürich gearbeitet. Bis Heute hatten Sinplus Auftritte in 15 verschiedenen europäischen Ländern und mehrere Opening Acts, wie zB Roxette, Daughtry, The Human League, Pretty Reckless.


Sinplus Produzieren alternative rock, pop, ab und zu Dance und sogar Reggae.


Ivan und Gabriel sind sowohl Komponisten als auch Produzenten.



Auf dem neuen Album „This Is What We Are“ hat das Duo verschiedene Ideen umgesetzt: die Single „Capisci (One Love)“ ist ein Dance song. „Y&I“, eine der zwei Balladen des Albums, haben sie mit der amerikanische Songschreiberin und Sängerin Michaela „Mickey“ Shiloh duettiert.


This Is What We Are


I Sinplus sono un duo pop rock formato dai fratelli Gabriel e Ivan Bro, nati a Locarno, piccola città nel sud della Svizzera.

Dopo aver rappresentato la propria nazione all’Eurovision Song Contest con la canzone “Unbreakable”, nel 2014 vincono un MTV Award come “Best Swiss Act”.

Nel 2016 ottengono il disco d’oro con la canzone “Tieniti Forte”. Sono il primo artista Svizzero a raggiungere un simile risultato con un brano in italiano.


Gabriel e Ivan Bro hanno fatto esperienze a Vancouver, San Diego e Berlino, e hanno lavorato in studi di registrazione tra Los Angeles, Londra, Zurigo e Milano. I due fratelli hanno inoltre fatto diverse esperienze live, grazie a tournée che hanno toccato più di 15 paesi Europei e facendo da “opening act” ad artisti quali “Roxette”, “Daughtry”, “The Human Legue”, “Pretty Rackless”, “Moda”.


Il genere musicale dei Sinplus spazia dall’alternative rock, al pop, passando per la dance e a un po’ di reggae.

Il loro sound è positivo, fatto di melodie sognanti e testi che parlano di libertà e fiducia in se stessi.

I due fratelli oggi sono sia compositori che produttori della propria musica.


Il nuovo album “This Is What We Are” è una soundtrack moderna, completa di tutte le sfumature che li contraddistinguono.

“Y&I”, il secondo singolo estratto dall’Album vanta la partecipazione di Mickey Shiloh, cantante di Los Angeles, che ha collaborato con Britney Spears, J.Lo, Janet Jackson e Rihanna.


I Sinplus stanno guadagnando sempre più fans e palchi in giro per il mondo così come l’attenzione degli addetti ai lavori, evidenziandosi come una delle band più interessanti nel panorama musicale rock europeo.

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